Top Reasons Why Businesses are Choosing Google Apps

Cost Savings

1/3 the Cost of Competing Leading Solutions


Working Together Has Never Been Easier


Reduce Downtime and On-Site Security


Increase Your Productivity and Profitability

What Google Apps customers are saying...

IT advantages: “Google Apps saves us millions of dollars over five years over any of the alternatives that we looked at and provides us with worldwide disaster recovery, unprecedented integration and device independence.”  Todd Pierce – VP of IT,


Innovation catalyst: “Cost and complexity have until now limited the effective use of video to improve business functions. Google Apps…provides significant opportunities for innovation and saving throughout our global teams.”  Manesh Patel – CIO


User satisfaction: “Switching to Google Apps gave us a rocksolid email solution that our users love. When we roll out any technology that’s that simple for us to maintain and universally loved by our staff, that’s a win in our books.” Camden Daily – Former Director of IT

Midwest Realty Ventures

Improving processes: “We’re big on finding better ways to do things, and Google Apps had what we needed. We use Google Calendar so we can all keep up with our people and the places they’ll be.”   Ross Nover – Lead Designer

Free Range Studios

Security and consistency: With Google Apps, everybody is running the same copy because it all comes from a central server. That’s a more secure and a more powerful way to run your business.”  Marc Benioff – Chairman and CEO

Ease of implementation: The migration to Google Apps was very simple and painless, and that’s exactly what we were hoping for. I foresee the collaboration tools in Google Apps growing in importance, as our sales partners start to use Google Docs to collaborate with vendors, customers, and folks here at corporate.”

Shawn Faulkingham—Director of IT

Indoff, Inc.

This has already been a much needed improvement for me in the office. I see it being implemented more and more as we go along. The more I use google apps, the more I am pleased with it”.

Rev. Dr. Michael Burns, Senior Pastor

Providence Presbyterian Church

Google Apps hits the sweet spot of simplicity and functionality. We recommend it to organizations that are looking for well-designed, highly available tools that are easy to administer and support.

Doug Carter, Network Administrator

Mercy Corps